E-Bike Tour


E-bike Bagan Myanmar


Ride to a portion of the city’s most iconic pagodas, including Shwesandaw, Ananda and Shwezigon, and find out about these staggering structures and their religious impacts. As you skim along, your guide will bring up concealed treasures that only local people know about, while sharing accounts and tales about Bagan.


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Irrawaddy River Cruise


Irrawaddy River Bagan Myanmar


Experience an agreeable and safe adventure onboard a modernized voyage transport with friendly crew. See the staggering scene on noteworthy landmarks, sentimental landscape, and looks at local life. The journey will acquaint you with the excellent scene of Myanmar along the stream banks, remarkable panoramas of pagodas, and little towns along the Irrawaddy River.


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Private Sunset Boat Ride


Boat Ride Bagan Myanmar


Buoy down the serene stream and appreciate the scenery on the antiquated city from an alternate point. Go by celebrated pagodas, for example, the Shwezigon Pagoda and provincial towns. Cocktails and snacks are served during sunset on board.


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Mount Popa Day Trip


Mount Popa Bagan Myanmar


Mount Popa is viewed as the origination of the “Nats” spirits venerated in Myanmar. Experience this grand mountain on a day trip from the city of Bagan.


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Ancient Temples Private Tour


Ancient Temples Bagan Myanmar


Traverse the old sanctuaries of Bagan and see unique works of art and great plated Buddha statues on a private entire day visit with an English-speaking guide. Get stunning panoramas as you watch the sunset over the Irrawaddy River.


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Salay Tour


Salay Bagan Myanmar


Get past Bagan’s tourist swarms on a 4-hour, private outing to the notable town of Salay for a gathering of up to 15 individuals. You can visit the wooden religious community of Yoke Son Kyaung, visit the neighborhood market, and see the town’s relinquished colonial-era structures.


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Bagan by Boat



Bagan Horse Cart Myanmar


An unwinding sunset journey, a ride on a horse-drawn carriage, some local tea, and a picnic on the water. With such a great amount of euphoria on this Bagan visit, you’ll be totally relaxed for the remainder of your time in Myanmar!


See full details of this trip here: Bagan by Boat


Lacquerware Workshop Tour


Lacquerware Bagan Myanmar


Find the opportunity to traverse antiquated structures, mural art and participate in a workshop for Burmese style workmanship and lacquerware items. Appreciate lunch at a local restaurant and become more acquainted with the clamoring and lively Bagan.


See full details of this trip here: Lacquerware Workshop Tour


Sightseeing Tour


Bagan By Boat Myanmar


Find the antiquated city of Bagan and its numerous sanctuaries on an entire day guided visit via an air-conditioned vehicle. Take a load off as you visit sights like Ananda Temple and the twelfth-century Thatbyinnyu Temple. Watch the dusk from Shwesandaw Pagoda.


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Sunset Tour



Bagan Sightseeing Myanmar


This visit embarks to reveal to you a greater amount of the way of life of Bagan’s dry zone and attempts to get you in the opposite direction from the crowded spots. As you burn through little towns you will perceive how individuals live in the dry zone and the lesser-known sanctuaries in the area.


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Bagan Viewing Tower



Bagan View Myanmar


Top off your day in Bagan with supper at sunset, getting a charge out of the scenery from the Bagan Viewing Tower. Enjoy a 3-course set feast highlighting Myanmarese, Chinese, Thai or European food. Sit back, unwind, and take in the dazzling panoramas.


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Horse Cart Riding


Bagan Horse Cart Myanmar


Traverse the astounding old design and comprehend the rich culture in Myanmar. See the lovely landscape of Bagan likewise the dusk.


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Community Experience Day Tour


Bagan Community Myanmar


Explore the town of Kyunkalay, an undeveloped town past Bagan you won’t discover referenced in any manuals. Discover how local people are functioning with ActionAid Myanmar and utilizing mindful tourism to improve local foundation and living conditions.


See full details of this trip here: Community Experience Day Tour


Temple Day Tour


Bagan Temple Tour Myanmar


Find the old history of Bagan on an intriguing sanctuary visit. Visit the absolute most excellent sanctuaries and pagodas in Myanmar and enjoy with a heavenly, customary lunch at a local authentic Myanmarese restaurant.


See full details of this trip here: Temple Day Tour







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